Crab Apples Complain

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

and again
in the rain
crab apples complain
squirrels grab at nuts
small sparrows dance
on electrical fences
near the farms
but old scare crows
only get older
wearing out their
pretend blue jeans
and the crab apples complain
and it is cold outside
a day in November midwest
when you feel arthritis pain
even if you are young
as wind chills through and through
like a day on the moon
and the crab apples
complain again in the rain
but they have no nerve endings
they have a God sending
of sugar and carbohydrates
they sit around like the college
students in biology class
grasping for a new worm
Mother Nature so good
God so understanding
so hard to be fruit on the tree
when everyone is after me
the agrarian life is complex
out on the farm
dealing with intellectuals
in overalls
and veterinarians
so the crab apples
just complain
with no nerve endings

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