Let Your Talent Soar!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Impassioned and longing to break through the impasse
which prevents inspiration to venture or freely pass.
Some hide talents which they neither use nor permit,
to freely display the artistic skills they might exhibit!

All too many, uneasy to venture into unknown dominion,
and greatly fearing adverse cynical or critical opinion
will, though given opportunity to break their bonds, refuse
to tear aside the limiting constraints that bind their Muse!

Interpretation of thought, dream or vision as put on display
by the Artist by dint of palette, shows the timid there is a way.
Stimulated, the artistic passion smouldering within the Soul,
vanquishes all obstacles. Those emboldened fulfill their chosen role!

Just as the poet, who by imaginative writing and chosen word
records his every worthy thought that would never be heard,
should he prevent his Muse the absolute freedom to roam at will.
Would this not be regarded a travesty and serve humanity ill?

The composer, by perceptive scoring of concerto and opera score,
skilfully channels the musician’s ability into music, that can soar
to unknown heights: reached only because talents were set free!
He, though some question the truth, is no more than you or me.

Ability, entrusted to us at birth will, from our very first cry,
demand that vital spark of recognition, or surely it will die.
Then continual honing and practice of talents we’re afforded,
must be our aim if acclamation is what we’d see accorded.

Even the lowliest of artists, whatever their field of artistic bent
endowed with any small talent, must persevere and nurture intent,
before they can deny the skills or talent with which they’re possessed.
But a Muse ignored, beggars all and we should vehemently protest!

Rhymer October 26th, 2013

Not sure this should be posted under Inspirational, but where else? Denis.

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