a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

Hey you spider,
I see you hanging above my head,
So busy beautifying your web,
Far gone,deeply engrossed.
I wonder what you're all about,
That you forget so soon its my lane,
My hard earned property,you horrify.

I see your ego has been deeply massaged,
That you seek not my opinion.
Worse off,you've suddenly thrown our ethics to the gutters,
Not even a word from you,
Even if you can't greet,
Say 'HELLO'...!
Instead of building an archive of attitude.
Or didn't mama teach you some senses...?
So why put up a front...!
Crawling in mischief ...hun..?
Answer me dumb..!
Or have you suddenly gone tongue tied..hun..?

I wonder how craving silly you would have been,
If your webs were strong enough to hold a ball,
What more of it being the best resource,
To design an attire...!
Need I remind you,
That its not even stronger than a loosened thread if put together.
So ugly...you had better get something up your little age,
And stop pulling stunts,
With your paper thing mind.

Know enough to detach yourself this very minute,
Cause I swear down...!
I would stop at nothing to get you off my track,
Or better I would sober you with my broom...

Ha ha ha ha....(Laugh out loud)run for you life spider,that's if you have one... Am not mean o...
No offence spiders,you're one of the most creative creatures I've seen, your webs are beautiful...though I can't make you my pet..(Wink)
Just wanted to know what it feels like to touch the tail of a spider...that's a normal cliché attached to lions now... Silly me..!

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