a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

Seems like the sun rays grips firmly our hearts alone,
While the heat of the cold grills our eyes to drone.
Still aspiring monkeys in turns,
Beating our auditorial drums,
Singing phrases..."VOTE FOR ME".
All opportunist scrambling to get atleast a toe in.
Leaving us with no choice button,
For the bunch of clamouring eggs are irredemably rotten.

Thus the tugs top..,raining heat to scare,
Now no one dares to dare.
Political monkeys now turned political vampires,
Stalking in turns preys for hire.
Bathing our psyche with deluded grandiose,
Replenishing tasty grievances as our dose.
Hence,making us ideologically bankrupt,
Now our temple dwells in taunt.
Brainstormed leaders waxing stronger without confrontation,
While looting becomes a mantra,no more a temptation.

Thus the brunt burns,evolving to a moral cataclysm,
Foisting we feeble wretch to embrace a miasmic season.
Endorsing imbecilic charlatans our mantle to tangle.
Now,in an ambience of disequilibrium, we suffer fools gladly and dwindle.
Suddenly turned tongue tied and sold,
Our supposed activists greased with gold.

Panel beaten and famished,yet we embrace darkness,
Staring still our crooked eyes in silence,
In soliloquy we whisper with our ageing lips,
This was not our bargain...we tip.
Where is our bereaved DEMOCRACY...we groan..!
For we know not what to call this state in tone.

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