a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines


At the early age it began
they only think things for fun
But they love to do some fighting
they don't recognize it's bullying

as the days and year pass by
they've grown fast as time flies
they can't manage their mind
truly they became unkind

Hurting someone is their game
they don't care about anything
beating someone makes them complete
seeing their victims under their feet

we must not judge the way they are
there is a reason behind every bar
for we have no right to justify
try to be in their place to clarify

When one's mind is in trouble
Probably his/her out of control
Instead of pointing hands on them
do some conversation, you know in the end

the reason why they act that way
that made him/her known into scary
choosing to be left alone all day
deep inside her/she maybe a friendly

how bout giving them a chance
to be with us and hold our hands
They only need guidance from someone
Who never judge them, instead understand

Whatever or whoever they maybe
God treated us all fairly
Learn to open you heart
that you can help to make a good start

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