Christmas Ornament.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

I’ve given much thought to Westly’s
request, as to which ornament I’d be
seen hanging upon the Christmas tree.
Yes I gave it thought, long and deep,
so much so, I’d scarce time for sleep,
despite my counting endless sheep!

Which possible Christmas ornament
was best suited for my temperament,
and apropos for this especial event?
Would I be fitting as a tinkling bell,
or a twinkling star, known so well?
So what could I be, that fits me well,

when hung from a bough of emerald green,
where by all passing admirers, I’d be seen?
An essential of the yearly Christmas scene,
is the Angel, but this I could never be,
standing atop the festive Christmas tree!
Nor is the glittering garland suited for me.

So having thought deeply for so long,
humming my favourite Christmas song,
I decided atop a tree is not where I belong.
Then suddenly the answer did appear!
I thought of that, which is held dear,
being most appropriate and crystal clear,

the perfect choosing, for the festive tree.
Twas not an ornament, that all could see,
but the intangible Spirit, which exclusively,
is felt by all when Christmas Day draws near!
The embodiment of goodwill and cheer,
that affects all who celebrate! Amply clear

it’s one we should nurture every day,
as all who observe a very special day,
will understand. To all mankind I pray
this Spirit will persuade all thoughtful men,
to allow worldly peace to prevail once again!
So for the Spirit that is Christmas, I say Amen,
and a Merry Christmas to all Members of VN.

Rhymer. December 3rd, 2013
Gave it some thought and decided I could perhaps add a few lines to Westly's "Ornament" challenge. Ciao Denis.

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