An Immigrants Dream

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

She knelt by the ever green tree, no lights hung on it.
Though decorated, yet, to her-- somehow it lost it's flare.
Coffee cup steaming hot in it's saucer, smelling of it
filled the whole apartment, all rooms-- old, sad and square.

She smiled at the bright star sitting atop the tree
yet, soon, her sad humble heart sent a tear to her own eye.
Thinking of how America was so beautiful. Land of the free.
Which was all since her youth, she'd ever wanted to be.

Immigrant she was, though husband and some family were not.
Yet, to be American was what any immigrant longed for.
Money tight, doing what's right, paying taxes sought.
As any poor American dad and mom, no fancy cloths they wore.

The night came, the airport dark and sadly grim.
Tears in her eyes, she stayed home, she refusing to leave.
Her denial of returning to her home land-- was firm.
A fight to have Christmas with her family on Christmas eve.

Not a word from her family as quiet as could be.
Each wondering if this great nation'd make her leave.
Her tears streaming, but she held her ground-- you see.
For all she wanted was family, and not to leave.

American kids dream to be firemen, or movies stars you see.
And their sights are just on what they hope free life gives.
But in far off places, 'Americans' are what kids want to be.
They yearn for what-- that hard work, task of life sieves.

Her hair tattered, original homeland smile, now nearly gone.
Replaced by a good hard working mom, an true American woman.
What's power if not used for the good of all, a family sewn.
For her hope was to help others, to be a small American --someone.

Linda Bates Terrell ©
December 4, 2013

The U.S. is made up of many nationalities, first known were Native Americans and then added in hundreds of others coming from far off places, any way they could.
Some immigrants now days are legal some are not, but all are people that long to be American... and free.

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