If adversity gets the better of you.VN 38th Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Would you, could you, dare you, capitulate,
if adversity gets the better of you?
Or would you, could you, dare retaliate,
to show adversity, you being you,
would never surrender to any force,
For fierce resistance is your chosen course.

What if destiny deals you a devastating blow,
and adversity gets the better of you?
An occasion by which it hopes to show,
you’re weak and there’s naught you can do
to resist its overwhelming force!
Will you continue to stay the course?

What if you’re persuaded, your future is dead:
adversity is said to have beaten you!
Could you, would you, might you instead,
rise up, to show the world it isn’t true,
and overcome that burdensome force,
so you can say, I only did my best of course!

What if your fight seems to be in vain,
and adversity gets the better of you?
Would you, could you, rise up again,
see it a test, as to what you might do?
It’s by facing up to fate, we are a force
that proves it is the human way of course!

Rhymer. December 8th, 2013.

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