Rat Race

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

What are you all running for,
Is it power position or strength,
Have you joined the rat race,
Are you going to join?

Wait, my dear just hear me,
Wait I pray, I plead,
This race has a beginning and no end,
Oh my dear just understand.

You may think you'll be victorious,
You may run for victory alas,
This race has a beginning and no end,
Why don't you love this understand?

You are trying to fill a void,
Trying to fill a gap,
You are seeking for love eternal,
Which you can't understand.

It's not power that will fill you,
Alexander left with his hands outstretched,
Strength of humans always fail,
Why don't you just understand?

You are seeking for love,
You are seeking for peace,
Power, position, and strength,
This void can't ever conceal.

The soul is seeking for God,
We don't realize,
The rat race is rat race,
Even if, we meet demise.

And l tell you there someone who loves you,
Someone to whom you are dear,
He cares for you that he gave his life,
If only you have time to realize,
If only you have time to realize.

Only But The Brave Deserve The Fair
Facts of life
Mobile that never rang
I love you
All my poems
Live my child live

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