a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

The moment that we've been waiting
It was told that Christ is coming
To fulfill what is written
He will save us from our sins

Mary was chosen to bore Him
Blessed is She of all virgins
In her womb it make her glad
The Spirit of God sent from above

He wanted to served
Rather than to be served
He tried to hide His Identity
He choose to live in simplicity

The truth behind His pain
Painful words and wounds He gain
This is how man-kind treated Him
After taking all the risk in vain

Do people really knows Christ story?
Do you still wanna hurt Him deeply?
Do we feel guilt and felt so sorry?
If yes! What can we do for God's glory?

As He offer His own life for all
May we understand the Christmas soul
It's not about santa clause or any gift
It's all about how Jesus take His fate

In union of faith may we appreciate
That in every storm He was awake
Keeping us strong as we become weak
Letting us know in him we are safe

Knowing His purpose why His here
He never complain the Fathers will
Even He knows in the end He dies
He accept himself to be the living sacrifice

Let's give thanks to Him
The one God who truly reign
He deserved to be praise
He done much for our sake

His presence will remain forever!
To God be the glory.... :)

The precious gift of all

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