PROTECT MYSELF (Tribute to a friend)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

You keep on distracting me
wanted me down & knock out totally
I keep my silence, in you I stay away
you've said too much, So stop chasing me

My guard I put it down
whatever I do, your always all around
I try to reconcile with you
Yet, your just ignoring what I do

You know things better than I
why can't you widen open your mind
these things shall only pass by
we only live once, not twice

I learn to protect myself
against your moves the way you attacked
I know I can't win this battle with you
I rather have time for myself to renew

I've talk and consulted some friends
Cause I really wanted this to an end
Everyday I carry it as a burden
Taking positively all this pain

My words may hurt you deeply
I have to say it, in this way
Things getting worst between you and me
So I decided to go on my way

We had the same interest
To served God above all the rest
You'll never gonna be the reason
To stop me ,now that I know my life's mission...

to God be the glory..


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