a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

No one wants to read heavy stuff.
That makes poets to write it simple.
Words so cultured in sculpture.
So would you not scan curves?
She looks elegant n’ beautiful.
Just watch her, will see beauty.
Treasures hidden in troves,
she seduces you to explore.
Entire life is written on her bosom.
Get rich nourishment by her love.
When you sing, dance n’ murmur,
I am sure she trapped you in.
You are suckling to her wisdom.
One day I saw you come out as a sage,
brilliantly your eyes shine.
keeping silence of wisdom n’ beauty,
here emerges a seer so dear.
Then I knew I trapped you behind letters.
As you roll as a pearl glowing,
in imaginative oyster shell of my mind.

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