The Days of Elementary School

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

it was only a short walk
but we found a way to
get into trouble
like James Dean
finding young tough-guys
children that were "bad"
cursing, swearing
smoking cigars
we stole from dad's desk
movers & shakers
all in elementary school
fighting and causing
and grandmother broke up
the fights
imagine children
running on rooftops
crashing out windows
troubled youth
of the 3rd grade
but we changed
and grew up in a year
got into sports
and used our negative energy
turning into positive
hockey sticks
baseball bats
reading at the library
but dad drank a lot
and we mirrored his insanity
as he was home a little
working as a traveling salesman
never saw us grow up
and we drank as children
imitating dad
getting into more trouble
but we grew up
we sure grew up

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