The Rabbit.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Although this poem was inspired by Charles Sides,
I chose not to write it in a manner akin to his. His humourous writing was singularly unique. Denis.

The Rabbit.

A creature of habit, is the shy bunny rabbit,
who runs at the sight of a gun.
Never stopping to see, what it might be,
he spoils a hunter’s fun!
Whilst he’ll steer clear, of his greatest fear,
he forgets others lurking by.
His little white scut, on the end of his butt,
is a sign to all that come nigh.

He’ll jump and run, when having his fun,
whilst keeping wide open eyes.
For much of the day, has no time for play,
and keeps an eye on the skies!
He’ll crouch in his ‘squat’, a well hidden spot,
deep in a clump of grass.
Though seldom seen, unless your eyes are keen,
he’ll nervously watch as you pass.

Though much like a hare, we’re fully aware,
he’s a smarter, much smaller cousin.
He’s more amorous by far, than hares ever are,
with offspring seen by the dozen!
It’s to a burrow below, where he will go,
when danger is headed his way,
for a ferret or stoat, both hunters of note,
regard the Bunny as prey!

He’ll never eat bread, prefers a carrot instead,
finds dandelions make a nice snack.
Being cuddly and cute, with demeanour astute,
of admirers, he’s never a lack!
Garden lettuce and kale, will never ever fail,
to start his nose a-twitching.
If a rabbit’s your pet, you can assuredly bet,
you’ll find his character bewitching.

However, be aware, he needs special care:
he’s not to be kept in your home.
He needs oodles of space, for he likes to race,
and meadows over which he can roam.
When a rabbit runs free, it’s a pleasure to see
him playing tag with a mate,
for he was never designed, to be confined,
and a pen, he’d certainly hate!

Herewith my friends, my tale now ends,
of the rabbit that’s most frequently seen,
roaming far and wide, knowing how to hide,
whilst furtively eating your greens.
Yes, this roguish thief, brings light relief,
when seen indulging in play.
Though some think him a crook, his role in a book,
is a favourite of children today.

Rhymer. January 21st, 2014.

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