a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

He’s a one eyed, gray,
long haired kitten,
who entered our lives,
when we were smitten,
with his innocent look,
and trusting way,
who entered our lives,
just the other day.

He was unwanted,
by one and all,
who saw only trouble,
from this furry ball,
but we, besides seeing
little but bone and skin,
saw he craved affection,
and love within.

With his wistful look,
he captured our hearts,
and he showed us both,
he was a cat of many parts!
If perchance we had doubts
as to what we’d do?
They quickly disappeared
when he gave a plaintiff mew,

that with his soft, gentle purr,
left us little choice.
We, speaking in unison,
agreed with one voice,
we’d take this orphaned
small gray kitten,
with whom, by now,
we were badly smitten.

He’d share our days:
we’d care for him:
he’d learn our ways.
It was no idle whim,
or pity on our part,
though his wistful look,
did captivate our hearts.
That day our lives took

an unexpected turn,
when this small, gray kitten,
with whom we were both
irrevocably smitten,
entered our lives.
As we gently petted,
this ball of fluff, we knew
we too, were being vetted,

and wondered if Blinky,
a name we thought fitting
would find us to his liking?
With him quietly sitting
and mewing softly,
we anxiously waited,
now that his initial
nervousness had abated,

to see what reaction we’d get?
His one eye
took stock of his surroundings.
After looking far, then close by,
he resumed purring.
A good omen we thought,
which spoke volumes, and set
our concerns to nought.

With his endearing manners,
this stray kitten,
with whom we admit,
we’re both badly smitten,
invites us, with energetic abandon,
and playful air,
to delight in the affection,
he is wanting to share.

Today, he rules our lives,
with his playful ways,
and our relaxing, restful
sometimes boring days,
are filled with interesting,
unexpected joys.
For Blinky has proved,
the most playful of boys!

Rhymer. September 19th, 2013.

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