The Aching Desperation

a poem by Obaidur Rahman, Bangladesh

Wrecked and weathered, in this hour of forlorn tragic
By the whisper of spell, the demon casts her magic.

The beast of fear, lurks behind every misty forsaken thought
And thus the eternal spirit of shadow ecstatic begins to rot.

The apocalyptic rage of creeping desire, preys on the shrine of the holy
The alarming allure of the dark valor, free falls at the blink of the only.

Numb to this tiring frustration; lost in the midst of this aching desperation…..
But across the tower of rising phoenix,
The wishful still echoes the sacred revelation.

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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