a poem by Obaidur Rahman, Bangladesh

Here comes the stellar starry night
And know the tear-drop of thunder,
Ocean-fills the deepest desire…..
And in this stepping stone to the blessed rising
I zeal my restless hour,
Kicking lust into your venomous fire.

Right there, see, at the edge of the darkness
The devil lurks his demons
To cast the deathly shadow of the blackened spell,
The illusions of darkness vs. the divine calling of the instinctive impulse…
By tooth and nails, the army of Saint n’ Sinners,
All battle for heaven n’ hell.

But praise the solitude that cures the loneliness
And hear the howling of the horizon
Echoing at the majestic distance,
I close my eyes and commence my journey beyond this trivial time and space
As I know all is well and sure will be,
Right here, at the glimpse of this instance.

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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