The Divine Frequency

a poem by Obaidur Rahman, Bangladesh

Hear the sound-waves of silence
Come crashing down into the walls of desire,
On two feet with arms wide open
I’m riding the ghosts of ice, taming the cynic fire.

Behold me harmony,
The mine power within,
Can’t just sink n’ float
And wake up until I’m gone dreaming.

Align my mind, body and soul
In league with the Universe,
In comes the holy union between my wish and desire
And all the negatives will meet their converse.

No more sabotage
And no more conspiracy,
Faith will prevail
With light-speed’s urgency.

Enlightened and illuminated
I’m blessed with the eye that sees through the invisible,
In this pilgrimage to the Holy
The sacred union between me and the Divine is eternally invincible.

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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