An Abecedarian Alliteration.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Adolescents, ardently amorous,
Boisterous boys,
Coyly contend, cuddling close
Delights desirous damsels.
Even excited, euphoric extroverted
Females, fancy foolish fun filled frolics!
Gorgeous gawking gauche girls giggle,
Hoping hardened handsome hulks
Indulge in interesting impetuous
Jaunty japes. Jubilantly jesting
Kinky kisses keep, kooky
Lovesick lasses, loopily lost:
Maidens muse: momentarily moonstruck!
Notwithstanding, nasty nerds never
Offer overtures of outstanding, objective,
Passionate poetry - perfectly phrased!
Quintessential quick quills, quietly
Record reasoned research, required,
So suitors send sweet, soothing sayings
That touch True Love’s tender
Understanding. Unexpected
Venal viragos vent vicious violence,
With wicked, wanton words! When
X- rated xenophobic Xanthippes,
Yelp! Youthful yokels yield! Yet
Zealots, zany zombies - zzzz!

Rhymer. February 15th, 2014.
Or maybe an Alliterate Abecedarian?
Make your choice! Just a little exercise
in hopes I can hone my skills!

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