a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

A time would come,
When butterflies would go higher than birds,
And biros would have erasers on earth.

What more of a time,
When blackberries return to trees,
And almonds be the best fruits for teens.
What becomes of apples in scenes.

What becomes of A time,
When the Calendar welcomes a new month,
And the clock be tick stuck on a new digit to taunt.

That awkward moment,soon enough in time,
When dogs become our death so wild,
And lions our pets so mild.

How about that time,
When men have artificial feathers attached to go places,
And certain pills prevent wrinkles on faces.

Pound over that time,
When gadgets get energy from sun rays,
And the moon shows not for days.

Think deeply about that hilarious time,
When the lasses and lads become country presidents,
And the so called elders residents.

So whimsy a time,
Where human hairs beneath,be beautified to glorify fashion,
And stark nudity amongst all becomes the only motion.

O...so many times would come,
It may seem for now a pun,
But surely it would come.

Freak not audience,
Its nothing but change,
Embrace such,and be not tensed.
Cause with time,it would make a whole lot of sense.

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