The Drought!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

A Poet’s Nightmare.

For weeks the drought
had been a source of despair!
Daily, with naught to do,
I’d sit and stare,
with never a glimmer,
nor positive sign,
the drought would end,
and all would be fine.

Desperate in need,
I could not rest!
As the drought continued,
I thought it best,
to seek a new source,
for needed relief,
hoping to suffer,
no further grief!

Days remained grey,
with promise a-plenty,
but no respite arrived,
my reservoir empty.
Why so, cried I in rage
beating my brow,
what reason have you,
to give lie to my vow?

Saddened and desolate,
the future unsure:
no break in the drought,
nor sign of a cure.
Unless came a torrent,
of emotional thought,
there’d be no response,
to answers I sought.

Then a glimmer of hope
emerged from nowhere:
a needed catalyst,
that banished despair!
As flood gates opened,
words burst out in spate,
flying forth in profusion:
I reached euphorical state!

The drought was over,
inspiration returned:
thoughts ran wildly,
as passion burned!
With my pen afire
with words I’d record,
my nemesis vanquished,
by my Poet’s sword!

Rhymer. 25th March. 2014.

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