Part 5. Scientists reject the Evolution theory

a poem by S.zaynub Kamoonpuri, Tanzania

Pls read part 1, 2, 3, 4 before readin this.)
Cont frm scientist speak out
+Evolutionists create evolutionary images in textbooks and books from the imagination plus computer animation. Many people know that but kids are likely to think they are real pics.+
In Book source, The Biology of Race and kind, Britain is written, '' (Evolutionist) scientists have displayed (and developed) images of ancient man from ape skulls and skeletons.   Yet these apes (they say that they) donot exist now, so how do they assemble a full skin appearance and POSTURE FROM MERE PIECES OF SKELETON? They APPLY HAND DRAWING (AND COMPUTERIZED ANIMATION AND DESIGNING TRICKS) TO CREATE SUCH (EVOLUTIONARY) ART WORKS (AND PICS). For this they USE IMAGINATIONS AND MIND FICTION.''

Now cont/: from source PATHLIGHTS writes:
Thinking scientists increasingly question such an obsolete theory (that evo is). John. T.Bonner, book review of implications
Of evolution by G.A Kerkut, in American Scientist, June 1961, p.240, (John Bonner with the California Institute of Technology writes): One is disturbed because  because what is said (against ol' evo) gives us the uneasy feeling that we knew it for a long time deep down but were never willing to admit this even to ourselves... The particular TRUTH IS SIMPLY THAT WE (all the scientists) HAVE NO RELIABLE EVIDENCE AS TO THE EVOLUTIONARY SEQUENCE of invertebrate phyla. WE (the Evolutionists) DO NOT KNOW WHAT GROUP AROSE FROM WHAT OTHER GROUP We(all the scientists) have all been telling our students for years not to accept any statement on its face value but to examine the evidence, and therefore, it is rather a SHOCK TO DISCOVER THAT WE HAVE FAILED TO FOLLOW OUR OWN SOUND ADVICE.''
Louis Agassiz, Harvard University Professor, quoted in H.Enoch, Evolution or Creation P. 139 1986: ''The theory of EVOLUTION IS A SCIENTIFIC MISTAKE''.
Austin Clark, The New Evolution 1930, pp 235-236: ''It is almost invariably assumed that animals with bodies composed of a single cell represent the primitive animals from which all others derived. They are commonly supposed (by evolutionists) to have preceded all other animal types in their appearance ?

In Book source, The Biology of Race and kind, Britain is written, ''
reads, '' Darwin believed humans evolved from apes. Modern evos have changed Darwin's tune like this into stages like this: ''worms-- fish-- frog-- mouse-- baboon-- monkey-- chimpanzee-- ape --then modern man. .'' Source: ..USA magazine, From fish to man, the Beginning of mankind...
(BUT) How many science explorations have found no bridgeing evidence (to show) how structures of one animal would change into another. Backbone of fish doesnot resemble that of a frog. (+besides there are hundreds of skeletal fossils of fish and frogs found but none of half-fish-frog evolving ones. And to think bony fish evolved from the boneless worms, is totally absurd and irrational to even imagine. And this stage cycle then shows worms to be our ancestors in a way too. How preposterous!. And how diffrent are frogs and mice huh!)
Other evolutionists say man came from the sky and settled on the earth. So they certainly not certain.
Another wikisource reads: (Muslim Scientist) Harun Yahya is a Turkish anti-evolutionist.
''With a bright.. cover and almost 800 glossy pages, most of them lavishly illustrated, 'ATLAS OF CREATION'' BY Turkish Harun Yahya, is according to the New York Times '' probably the largest and most beautiful creationist challenge (book) yet to Darwin's theory, Harun Yahya describing how the theory of evolution is a perverted and feeble, ideology. Tens of thousands of copies of the book have been delivered, to schools, prominent researchers and research institutes throughout Europe the United States (and other parts of the world). Yahya spent a lot of funds delivering his book in the post boxes of scientists, evolutionists, universities in the West and other parts of the world, free of charge.
In Sept 2000 Harun Yahya issued a challenge offering ''10 trillion Turkish Liras(currency) to anyone who produced a single intermediate form fossil demonstrating evolution.'' (In his book) he stated: ''Not one fossil belongs to strange-looking creatures in in the course of development of the kind supposed by evolutionists.
Dr. Kevin. P. at the University of California stated, '' such fossils do not exist.'' +Ofcourse they donot exist, since evolution is mere delusion with a science front.+  

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