a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

It breaks his heart to know
she does not always trust in him
nor understand the much she means to him.

The sight of her smile
enchants his manhood.
He plays and replays her laughter
He simply can't get enough of her.
She is so graceful
when she want something and is afraid to ask
she make those silent pleas
by biting her lips and playing with her fingers
It melts his heart!

How can she not know
who she is in him?

When she makes mistakes
he delight seeing her learn from them.
She is so brave and courageous.

She sees the good in people
support without judgement
and her unwavering faith in God
makes him nervous and envious of such loyalty.

This wonderful woman
she practically runs the world
nothing is ever too hard
"with all my degrees, he says
and still can't compete with her brains!"

"What did i do to deserve her goodness?" He often questions

Then they're those days
times when her past becomes too overwhelming.
She suffers dark spells and moods swings
her feet gets shaky and she's unsure of her state
making and second-guessing every decision....
It breaks his heart to not know
a perfect way to comfort her.
Often he dialogues with the gods and heavens
to grant peace in her soul.
Her serenity is his joy.

Each time he looks at the mirror
all that reflects is power and her influence.
She totally transformed him with kindness
and a love so true, gentle and unconditional.

She is his field of green pasture.
his still and peaceful waters.
"I saw a home in you" He says she says.
But the truth is
"She gave me rest!" He exclaims
That tiny body house such a big and generous heart
he envy every person who knew her before he did
and give thanks for every guy who wasn't good enough for her.

"How was i to live without her magnificence?"He wonder.

His Mama says she is extraordinary
on two occasions she referred to her as "supernatural"
"Even the first woman in my life decrees
that indeed my wife is unusual."

she is not from another planet
but without a doubt
she's unlike you and i.
She experience every moment
with in depth and intensity.
Her perspective on every situation never lacks insight.
Friends named her "princess empathy" for her compassion.

"Her eyes, his best man said,"Tell a tale of humility,desire and incredible beauty."
She has endured so much pressure, pain and trauma
in all that carnage
only peace and harmony radiates.
She is the summer night sky
so calm
so divine and phenomenal.

"There is a missing Angel in paradise" he says.
And she dwells in my hut."
"She decorates and lights up my world.
Heal my heart
right my wrongs
perfects my imperfection
complements my shortcoming
and completes my being."

"she gave me a second chance
an opportunity to re-write my story and history.
Each day she teach me
ways to be a better man to myself
to her
to our lovely kids
and to the Great Man above."

she is the definition of miracles and true love.
The sanity in his existence.
An example of humanity
a ray of hope in God's creation.

she is his wife
the only pure thing in his LIFE.
......... ........ ............

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