a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Sometimes i hit the store
purchase oldest pirates wine on the shelve.
Other times,
i take me out to a classy restaurant
dine mercilessly on the delicacies my tummy can handle.
But most times,
haha!this is my favorite!
I order new sweet scented shampoos and body sprays
right before they hit the shop floor
each for a new day;
to match my moods and feelings!
Oh!and ah,
DHL honking on my drive way
to deliver artifacts is also becoming quite a habit.

People don't understand why
"whats the point?" they wonder.
Why do all that for me?
Some say i am a material gal,
there is no question about that.
But still,
they don't see the logic behind it!

most times,
i used to do it for fun,
to feel good,
to reward thy self,
for therapy,
or maybe,
because i have the means,
or to punish his highness with the invoice
when he doesn't keep his word.
i don't know,
i didn't know either,
not till i realized;

Am worth.The Tiffany diamonds and Akoya pearls flashing on me.
am worth.The hot air balloon ride across the Masai Mara,
am worth.That skinny dive at the Maldives,
am worth.A leisure shopping weekend in Dubai,
am worth.To be the countess,the duchess,the trophy wife,
am worth.All the finesse.
Am worth.That priceless smile and the deep secrets,
am worth.All your appreciation and affection,
am worth.The sacrifice and the commitment,
am worth.Stability and fidelity,
am worth.The tears and the pain,
am worth.your unconditional forgiveness and faith,
am worth.The joy, peace and happiness,
am worth.All your trust,respect and endless love,
am worth.That extra mile, care and attention.
like the elusive 'milky way',
am definitely worth the find among the heavens.

excuse me darling,
i need to sit back,
work on my tan,
and sip this Ruby Rose Cocktail,
because baby;
you know am worth the bill.
yeah that's right!
Am worth your name,
your dime,
your time
and your life!

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