a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

If you searching 4 perfection,
you wont find it here.
I am far from perfect.
How can i be when i live in a world so rugged?
if you pay attention,
you'll realize from time to time,
the smile looks out of place.
You'll see the scars beneath this soft skin.
You might see the blemish in my soul...!!!

But that doesn't bother me.
am glad to be far from perfection!
It means am human.
It means i have the right to make mistakes and wrong choices,
learn from them without the guilt of shame.
It means i can test the limits,
fail and not die,
rather comes out stronger.
And when the zeal of life is running out,
i can gracefully re-invent myself
without having to act like am someone else.
That's what normal humans do.......!!!

So you my friend,
if you searching for perfection,
look for it elsewhere.
You not gonna find it here.

But if you searching for inspiration;
someone who has been to hell and back,
if you searching for loyalty;
a friend who will be there four seasons,
If you in need of a good time;
A party animal till the break of dawn........!!!!
Then you my friend!
you are searching in the right place,

You looking at the right person!!!!

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