a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

A road where everyone passed by
some people greet you and say hi!
some people will ignore you and let you die
other's will be there mostly when you cry

A life's journey is worth the wait
no matter how trials test your faith
this life we have is not a quest's
of who will win and who's the best

If you need to be weak for others sake
without no doubt, do it never hesitate
Sometimes you have to give way
And let them easily passed away

from the beginning till the finish line
you learn and acknowledge the value of time
You're the one who could define
the quality of life you want to refine

The individual journey we take
Touches someones' heart that made us awake
To make us realized who's true and who's fake
who won't judge us even if we commit mistake

In every road there is always an intersection
There are signs showing us the right direction
But because some of us neglect simple rules
That lead us to danger specially our soul

Do you know your life's destination?
The purpose why you exist in this generation
To see how Christ Jesus fulfill His mission
To died on cross to save all the nations

He is the only way, truth and the life
Of our journey towards His light,
The only destination of our flight,
To be with our creator will made Him delight

to God be the glory...


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