it's my Dad

a poem by Samson Olajide Iyanda, Nigeria

Ever since childhood,
he excites my mood.
At the sound of his voice
I always will leap for joy.

I can run up to him
times without number
And right there will he be
no matter the hour.

On his shoulder, would i sit
while he proudly shows me
to the whole wide world
as his charming little queen.

How my heart beat
when I am in need,
can be unerringly heard
by no one, but dad's ears.

He is the reason why I'm beautiful
on the outside and inside.
I learn from his benevolent moves
and so I could do just right.

Dad act the mother
and also plays a father.
I can never bare
to trade him for another.

From being a girl to a lady,
my old man never quits his duties.
His hands were never far away
when am so confused and afraid.

He still walks proudly
carrying me, all of me
on that throne where I sit
right from my childhood.

When the sun hides behind the clouds
Dad is always around
to change the weather
and make things better.

All that he teaches me
are now the source of my strength.
I live each day bless and happy
because of his methodologies.

On his old wrinkled face
I can tell his love is the best.
Never can a smile be so genuine and great
like the one engraved on his face.

Dad act the mother
and also plays a father
I can never bare
to trade him for another.

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