a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

It is not strange, my heart
To keep in touch with the tall lady
In that simple but beautiful blue gown
When thoughts of her flooded your mind
In your normal and tipsy states

But it's quite strange to see
The two hearts revved up to intimacy
At a flying bullet's speed
Even before time could set up
Its usual protocol of closeness

She is an outstanding attraction
Who radiates a permanent beauty
That is naturally spilled from her heart
To her face, dentition, height, strides, intelligence
To her personality; everything's just charming!

Her magic hold confines me to
The field of her magnetism
I long for her always
And still never have enough
So strange, so crazy, so delightful

Calm and a listening companion
Even her imperfections are attractive
Motherly, a good planner, a distinguished teacher,
Evergreen in my heart
You are just an awesome brightness, Claire.

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