a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

This morning i tell my mouth
"please don't speak
lips remain sealed
hold it in my tongue."
But my crazy brain goes like
"It is about time
he needs to know!"
"He should know!"
So it spoke
"Am not particularly fond of you
infact i don't like you!"
Screamed at my boss.
My boss being that scary guy
the scary guy whose name
on the corner office 5th floor.
The scary boss who gives
a warning letter on a dismissal letter head
effective immediately.
I told my mouth "Speak not!"
"Kindly hold it."
But my spirit won't contain the hiss.
My scary boss who house the cold corner office
gave me a blank stare
left without a word.
You see that's scary
my scary boss loves to be adored
oh and he love to punish
make example of...
so when he left gagged
i knew i should have shut it!
"Put a leash on your tongue"
Often i tell my mouth
"You have a voice so loud why be tame?"
Often it does retorts.
.... ..... ..... ...... ..... ......
Till my scary boss 5th floor knocks on his window
summon with his famous "two finger" call
into his cold office
"Mouth you will behave!"

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