Primrose Bank.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Frilled golden cups, in wanton profusion
display nature’s bounty in confusion:
with an invitation to come, view the glen.
Primroses declare, Spring is here again!

Warbling Robin, Thrush and Blue Tit,
accompany and harmonise in choral skit,
as Blackbirds invite with trilling song,
all other feathered friends to sing along!

As newly sprouts the awakening grass,
brief showers refresh, then quickly pass:
with warming days and lightening winds,
now at last, it’s time to see Spring begins!

Divergent greens of birthing leaves
Hawthorn blossoms, scent the breeze:
Bluebells bursting forth in rhapsodic blues,
mark Winter’s demise! We’ve paid our dues!

With every stream running in full spate,
waters dash seaward - they won’t be late!
Lambs gambol, wheeling Curlews scream,
their exaltation of joy, is a moment supreme!

Coaxed by nature, our eyes opened wide,
so we witness the greening countryside,
and enjoy the coming of every small change.
For winter’s wrath? A welcome exchange!

Rhymer. April 30th, 2014.
(A memory from my childhood days)

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