THE INVISIBLE MATE(unappreciated)

a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

When you come home late
i open up the door
warm your food
take off your clothes
i carry you to bed.

Wake you early in the morning
run you a hot bath
Choose and iron your clothes
Make your coffee
pack an apple and snack
make sure my man will be fresh and looking fine.

When you said you wanted me home full time
i dropped my career to take care of the kids.
Though i love a little flesh on me
i trim when you say am getting thick.
Baby every time you say it ain't enough
i always make it up to you.
When you say jump
i never question why
i just fly all the way.

I keep my body tight
decorate the house as you like
make sure the food is divine
remind the kids what great a man you are
Oh!i even pretend that i am alright.

Baby each minute of everyday without hesitation
i do
will do whatever it takes to make you proud
i sacrifice
let you trample all over me so you shine.

Five years and counting,
simple words like thank you,no more
the doting look you used to give me,no more
flowers and candy,no more
you are beautiful,no more
phone calls,diner,family vacations, no more
am proud to be your man,no more
i love you,no more
thank you for loving me,no more
the kissing,the hugging,the sex,i ain't getting none no more.

Day nor night do you appreciate me anymore.
You don't see me no more.

Baby i wanna know
why,when and how did i stop being your woman
your best friend and sweetness in life.
Why,when and how
did i stop being your wife?

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