"HAPPY MOTHER's DAY TO ALL" (Tribute to all the Mom's)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

Mother know's whats the best for you
You can see it and feel it as you grow
The one who love you unconditionally
Understanding all your worst patiently

We may have been into the hardships of life
That's natural, so we may see who's right
A Mother's love will never fade away
No matter how their children gone to be

To all the Mom's out there happy Mother's day
To my mom I love you and thankyou for being with me
For letting me do things that I wanted to be
So that I may learn in life your setting my wings free

A simple words from you encourage me
A wamrth hug from you comfort me
A single tap on my shoulder makes me strong
Co'z I know your in my back even if I do wrong

If I'm hurt, I know you are hurt too
If I'm happy, I see that your happy too
If love failed me, you are there saying, honey it's okay
This life is not all about love, been there trust me

You are truly precious gift from God
That really makes my heart so glad
For all those things that you've done for me
May God bless you more life spritually

If this world would lost its own time
I wanna be with you sitting by your side
Making moments of you and I
Giving back to God our precious life


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