"LIFE IS NOT A RACE" (Tribute to a friend)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

You may have been into worst situation
Where you feel no one is around
When you needed someone to hold on
You find yourself in an empty room all alone

Someone may broke your heart
turn it into pieces and tore it apart
You shed tears while moving on
Let it be! life must go on

Stop saying we're the unlucky one
We all have burdens in life, just look around
People came into our lives in a purpose
In a reason that God only knows

We are still in the battle field of life
Wear your armor let it ignite
Be the person whom you wanna be
Not the person whom they want you to be

No matter how this world may change
You must stand still in God's presence
No matter what trials you may encounter
Our Father in heaven always answer our prayers

This life is only a temporary
Accept all the pain without worry
Give it all to God all the glory
In his time you receive His mercy

to God be the glory

"LIFE IS NOT A RACE" (Tribute to a friend)

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