Memory Lane

a poem by Adeosun Olamide Ayo, Nigeria

In secret dwellings of solemn eras that befalls
O ye heart cling to truth foretell as journey path end

Forget not when solemn era arrives
Nostalgia of parted days

Remember o heart this taste
Of bliss chalices when ye gulp goblet of sorrow

Remember this blooming rose, this soft touch
When thorns pierces you' fragile heart

Remember o heart this fragrance
When stench engulfs ye, whelms thee

Remember sweet heart' this colors of rainbow
When storms crumble and lightning descends ‘pon thee

Remember o heart this homing pigeon
When vultures hovers ‘bove

Remember heart this babbling stream that baths, quench thirst thee
When tempest stirs and seas spit venom

Remember dearest heart this glee
When writhing in agony remember

Remember this glittering golden bracelet
When shackles seize hands ye be still old heart and evoke

Remember this high wet land
When deserts be lots yours

Remember this sweet meal
When famine, drought shut doorways yours

Remember the curtaining clouds,
This warm morning sun,
The old crescent moon, these scattered stars
This evening whispering breeze
When darkness falls upon ye, when walls confines thee

Oh heart remember this warmth' the roof gives
When cold mornings breeze forth summon up warmth

Remember this patrol siren of guards
When emergency resuscitation sirens blares

Remember oh heart this joy of birth, of glory
When death come knocking, strolling in

Oh beloved heart
Forget not these glowing eyes when moist, old, blind be
Forget not this mansion when contained in wooden coffin

Remember these agile hands, legs when frail becomes
Remember this array of robe when rags undress thee

Oh heart remember, to die' dreaming
Remember good days on last day
Oh heart remember, remember to fight
Remember, remember to be valorous

Oh heart' keep of this courage
In haven of your deeds, thoughts
Of this wealth keep, of vigor keep'
Oh keep that may muster in last days
That it may save and console thee

Remember o dearest heart to glow
This ember of sweet memories in course bitter realities

Oh dearest heart, remember this floret blooming of butterfly calls
Dredge up heart’ when withers and tramped ‘pon by termites be

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