a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

The test has begun,
Fear has been let loose,
I have the option to choose,
And I all fear to refuse.

I am in his arms,
Being carried by my lord,
Why need I fear?
Of all those Swords.

Faith till the last breath,
That’s my desire,
Seeking his blessings,
In the furnace of fire.

Why did you doubt,
The master replied,
He stretched forth his hands,
Hearing Peters cry.

I have decided,
To rest in thy arms,
No matter even if
The world raises alarm.

I am sure of thy power,
Thine arms can’t fail,
Circumstances I am sure,
Can’t ever prevail.

I am his child,
He is my lord,
My faith shouldn’t wonder,
Even if it be a sword.

I wrote this poem as I passed through hard times. I was without a job at that time.

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