a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

IT’S a fact dead decay very fast,
Three days will make things foul,
Thirty days without a burial,
Ravens will me devour.

Don’t make me a pickle,
I am a human, who breathes,
You may call it management,
Yet under your decisions I reel.

For the batterment of institution,
A human should die,
The temple of learning,
Requires a priest to be sacrificed.

I have learnt in this temple,
The fundamental rule of life,
Do not be over concerned,
Or you will pay with your life.

If students are wrong,
Just close your eyes,
They are your ultimate employers,
If they complain it means, demise.

I wrote this poem when i was in Prabhu Dayal Public School .I was told to leave the job and was given one month notice and in this one month period I had to continue to teach the students

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