My God

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Till the time you were my god
I had no fears any way
Since the day I stray away
Fear has become the anthem of day

It afflicts me in the morning
It afflicts me when I sleep
It’s so oppressive
That I can’t even weep

He is knocking at the door
My liberty is oppressing for sure
How blessed it would have been
If such liberty I had never known

Free as you may see me
Yoked if you can find
Oh what a pity
This world is blind

So many thorns now abide
I wish to be freed again
Vane is the freedom of the world
I wish to be his captive once again

So many a tear have I dried
God's love and spiritual poems
My all in all
Build on the wounds of realities
All my poems
My all in all

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