DEAR BLACK COFFEE (love letter to the love of my life)

a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Dear black coffee,

Loving you has been one of the most challenging task and risk I have had to undertake in and with my life. When we met, I was required to open up and let you in. I had to be bold enough to share you, endure not being the priority some time, and not to mention the distance that stands between us most of the year. I had to re-expose my healing heart, let myself feel again and probably let you break me again. I had to grow up to love you and to let you love me.
However, one year down the line, it is with overflowing joy that I gladly announce, since I meet you, I have never been less of happiness, security and bliss.This has been the most awakening, breath taking and beautiful moment of my life.

Unlike the universe, we have experienced more than the four seasons. We have had our share of intimacy and utter fulfillment but we also have had our rows and moments of pure brokenness. There have been shared moments and memories made, secrets to tell and pasts yet to overcome. We have had each other’s back, stood right side on your arm you on mine and we have also fought, segregated till the conquer.There have been cold war and anarchy, supremacy and battles,thankfully,we remain shackled and chained.

Our relationship has been an adventure with a mix of both bitter and sweet turns.Tomorrow i know i will discover something new and mostly very amazing about you, but I can confidently affirm, i have taken my time and though it is still learning in progress,i have learn how to love you.

You are bold and invincible, in control and on top of your world.You are the definition of an alpha and a pillar. But this gentleman has not lacked flavor of bad boy lemon twist when the occasion calls.Lucky me,i discovered this hardcore armor is your shield.You are such a fierce and a great man, yet in a corner stands a boy very scared of pain.I know you been hurt and wounded deeply and hence the caution.You do not trust easy but when you do,you trust with your all.When you give out your heart,you do not hold back.

You the kind of man who have so much,own so much,controls so much,such that it becomes easy to overlook your needs.You are extremely comfortable in your skin and as a result, plenty of times I forget to ask simple questions such as“Are you okey?” “Is there something I can do?” “Do you need anything?”... However, am happy to realize my wonderful man is human enough and in need of attention and my affection as much as i crave yours.
Schatz,you spend each day running things,giving,taking care of family and everyone around you,and now I realize,though you got it all together,you are helpless inside.You also need someone to cater for you, ask and listen about your day,comfort and hold you tight each night and never let you go.

“In life,” you tell me, “There are no guarantees and nothing lasts forever.” Yet you continuously instill and invest so much in me and our relationship that I am no longer scared of dreaming or of whatever tomorrow will bring because,i know you will always be the one standing beside me with an umbrella over my head when it pours and the one handing that glass of champagne into my hand when the storm is over.

Habibi,you often tell me a man is worth two things in this lifetime; his name and his word.Well,i adore that name simply because it not always lives up,but it always outdoes the expected.As for your word,I know I can take it to the bank anytime.

Baby in such a short while,you have taught me so much, you have given me more than I could ask for,you have taken care of me in so many ways and each new day you continue to love and honor me beyond measure.
I know i cannot compete but my baby; it is my time to return the favor.

Unbuckle the belt,sit back,relax,and let me take the wheel. It is my time to take care of you, to give, replenish, nurture and fulfill you.

I would be lying if i said i will never disappoint or let you down sometimes, or that it will be sunnier all year.
But I can promise you,i do promise you,in my arms,you will never know pain.You will never face disrespect or rejection and I swear you will never again know the disgusting taste of heartbreak.

I will love you with all i got,support you without an inch of judgment,and i will adore you till the end of our reign.

Dear black coffee,by your side,i will ride till i die.

Yours truly, deeply, madly and dangerously in love
Cocoa Sugar-Cream
Peninnah Ng'ang'a.

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