a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Drunk,drenched and soiled in pain
overwhelmed by an acute emotion that i cannot describe.
My inner anatomy is crashing,everything is spinning spiraling down.
I cannot breath,i cannot scream,am not sure i can feel.

I thought this form of "pleasure" was history.
what is that you said?
you will never hurt nor disappoint me.
I was yours to cherish,protect and preserve not to wreck and ruin.

Haha!Oh!So now you want to talk?You come in with that small talk as if nothing is broken and expect me to play along?
What about yesterday?And the day after that when i asked for an explanation?What about then?
I always knew you were proud and arrogant,hell!I loved you for it,sometimes i even thought it was charming.
But i never expected someday you will put your pride before us.

We have had our lows and disagreements which is to be expected in every relationship.
I don't even mind when you walk out in the middle of a fight.
But this time,this time you did me wrong,too wrong and it is not okey.
As a matter of fact,i cannot promise it will be okey ever again.

You took your time,I'll give you that
Yeah you did make me happy,you made me feel and dream again.
Eventually though,you did define the meaning of your love and honour.
It is bloody,cruel and nothing noble about it.

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