a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

Dear love,
From all the drama and misconceptions that has been going on with us
two things are now crystal clear.

you and i are dynamite.
Haha,Yes!We are exceptionally explosive and dangerous when those strings are pulled
And we are also exceptionally exciting,intertwined and wonderful together.

you and i are too strong for our own good.
We are all better by ourselves but for perfection we need each other.
And so when we fight we go all the way but when we hit breaking point,cooling zone is each others arms.

Like you,i too realize you make me better.
I know this doesn't match or compare to your excellent apology
But i need you to know am so sorry for my part in this scandal.
Baby i too cannot imagine a day i will not love or need you.

Am sorry schatz.

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