a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I promise to hold your hands
to Fulfill our sweetest plans
A promise that I didn't keep
everything was gone to waste

I was being selfish & stubborn
Thinking of my own ambition
Letting you go all alone
Not thinking what I've done

We commit vows in the sacred place
To seal our love, to protect it with faith
We celebrated the remaining days
Creating a moment with happiest memory

We almost lost our communication
That lead us in difficult situation
Brought us trouble it went worst
An it end up everything, it's you I lost

Now, we are facing tomorrow individually
To see your doing good and moved on totally
I'm in peace, going on without nobody
Trusting God the rest of my journey

I wish not to harm you in your silence
thats why I choose to cut-off my existence
But in my life you'll always be a friend
I intent to keep in my heart you'll remain.

to GOD be the glory


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