When I Felt Like A Forest

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

It was an eco friendly hotel
With eco friendly rooms
It had been mopped, swept and cleaned
With eco friendly brooms

The lobby had a lotus pond
Rife with creepers and vine
'Twas sprayed  in aromatic fragrances 
With a hint of tangy lime

The gallery was a garden
Smiling with flowers that spun 
Dewdrops rolled on leaves 
As  they danced in the sun

The carpets were a woody green
The curtains an ocean blue 
The beds were  done up in snow white quilts
On an earthy mound in mountain hue

Soaps were born of sandalwood 
Gels were  of eucalyptus oil
Shampoos sang of deodar trees
Everything was of the soil

The creams were aloe  vera
Lotions touched with pine 
Toothpaste was herbal and neem 
Why would it stay behind?

There I stopped and freshened 
My feet I let them rest 
And by the time I'd scrubbed and cleaned 
I felt like a forest

Beauty, for beauty's sake
'Cultivars Of Cream'
"BAUAA" And Her Branches Under A Roof.
Midst The Flowers Of The Bouganville

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