Build on the wounds of realities

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Don’t be so disheartened,
That your prey may stink in the net,
Don’t think of things that ye have not,
Lest ye, loose even what ye have.

Rise up to face the challenge,
Don’t let yourself be dragged,
What a man has done, that men can do,
My heart, my soul, just understand.

From the essence of utter reality,
Skyscrapers rent apart the sky,
Keep firm on the ground of reality and,
Your plans shall never die.

If you are wounded and,
And there are marks so deep,
Don’t give up my dear,
Don’t give up I plead.

Deeper foundations are needed,
For buildings that rent apart the sky,
Ye need a deeper foundation,
If you want to reach too high.

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