Our God Reigns

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Lord I have followed the world for an age,
And its despair where I stand,
I am fed up of failure I am fed up of pain,
Oh lord just hold my hands

Conforming to the standard of the world,
I lost my Saviors' path,
But now my lord I am ready,
I am ready with all my heart

LORD take this broken heart of mine,
And use it as you wish,
Renew this broken spirit,
And fill me with thy bliss.

Just pour in thy spirit,just change my heart,
And things won’t ever be the same,
What was tread by Satan, with all his might?
There Christ my lord shall reign.

I am sure my lord, as ye come in,
This darkness shall turn in light,
All disorder and confusion,
Shall have its permanent flight.

Then shall the will of the savior,
Be accomplished in my life,
And the world shall have a proof,
Of goodness, perfection, and light.

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