a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Gods curse is inclusive,
With the package of bribe,
For the one who paid it,
It is righteous as I find.

Do you think, God leaves them,
Who oppress his own?
He has many ways to punish,
Which cannot be shown.

When the righteous are compelled,
To pay for bribe,
It is a sentence for the wicked,
That their sins won’t be wiped.

Do you think God punishes
Just by physical disease,
There are mental agonies,
Which we can’t conceive.

God keeps on waiting,
So that man may improve,
It’s only later,
That our God reproves.

You can see the wicked,
Grow up in his pride,
low if you can see,
His hallow inside.
I wrote this poem during my college days when I and my brother were compelled to pay bribe during our house construction.

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