World Trade Centre

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Touch my heart Lord,
Let it share the pain,
Which must have, struck thee,
From the towers of World Trade.

Twenty thousand lives met sad demise,
A jolt to humanity,
A slap to mankind,
And a pertinent fear of peace being sliced.

Alas the world in anguish,
Doth weep and cry,
World in utter frustration,
Doth weep and cry.

Insane has turned,
Sanity of sane insane,
World is driven to the threshold,
Of pain, pain and just pain.

I wrote this poem on 14’ September 2001. The last stanza was added on 24’ September 2001.This poem reflects about the situation of the world at the time of attack on the world trade centre.

So many a tear have I dried
Facts of life
Encountering Goliath
Lord this world is thirsty
All my poems
Trust Him

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