Lord this world is thirsty

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Lord, this world is thirsty,
Everybody wants to be seen,
In order to fulfil this desire,
They have built up castles of dreams.

They are living, now in fantasies,
And this truth they always hide,
Though deep inside their conscious,
This fact as an epitome abides.

They are thirsty of love,
Recognition is their need,
And in order to gain it
See on fantasies, they feed.

They walk in doubt,
And pose satisfied,
Yet deep inside,
Their spirits doth cry

In order to satisfy,
Our weary hearts,
They run after pleasures.
That in seconds dishearten.

Distressed, disheartened, in the gloom they sway,
Yet they wear the mask of lies,
Which if someone tries to expose,
There is a lot of hue and cry.

To cover up, their anguish
To cover up their shame
They walk out sophisticated
High above the plain

Our God Reigns
God's love and spiritual poems
I have put my feet, on the goad,
Fight my case, Lord
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