Not my will Lord but thine

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Reinforce the walls of this castle,
Though has sealed it every time,
The force is attacking the centre,
Striking the very nest.

Nature has no role to play,
Nor is there any other power,
I need to fight mortal nature,
I need Immortal to guard.

I am sure; He can move the mountains,
Yet I have the option to choose,
Oh what a free will,
I wish to refuse.

If it were the sea He could part,
If it were the tempest He could,
Here is my heart,
I too have to play a part.

When it’s thee, I am strong,
When it comes to me I am weak,
At this hour of decision
My lord thy command, I seek,

Not my will Lord but thine,
And things shall be so fine,
If I am left free,
I am sure I’m bound to pine.

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