a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Who has not committed adultery?
Tell me one person whom you know,
Thank God you bowed down,
To save the woman who was to be stoned.

Saving her you saved me too,
My God your love is true,
That's why I bow down to you,
Your love for me is true.

Sin in thought, sin indeed,
Both cry guilty indeed,
Only his blood can suffice,
To thee I lift up mine eye.

Let the world live in its righteousness,
Yet I am a sinner indeed,
To my lord for mercy plead,
To my lord for mercy plead.

Our sins stand between us and God, yet He love us, He is ready to forgive us, big question, is this, are you ready to accept that you have sinned.

Would you use this broken vessel?
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Not my will Lord but thine

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