a poem by peninnah ng'ang'a, Kenya

I met this guy the other night
Soccer city at K1 where the world is united by the World Cup!
He is David from Queens Land here to watch the Wildebeest migration but couldn't resist the the soccer madness!
Reacting to the celebration at the stadium after the first Ivory coast score
He told me
"That's the thing about you Africans
You bring color,vigor and vibrancy wherever you are!"

I told him,
"Yeah!That's the thing about us Africans
Like our drums and acoustic bands,we are loudy,haha!Sometimes not in a good way
Full of life and drama
And just like our borders,we are inclusive and rarely have respect for boundaries."

"Where there is joy we make merry
Where there is light,we shine!
When it is time for mourning,we comfort
And when it get dark,we sit besides you in silence,but we never let you walk alone!"

David looked at me dazzled, same time puzzled
So i decided to give him a comprehensive conclusion.

"You see Africa,
for us it is more than a position in the global map.
It is our heritage,our lifestyle,our blessing and our pride!
We are One People,One Blood,One Continent!

Haha!!!He smiled,gave me a toast,lifted his glass and hailed
"Go Team Africa!"
Haha!We all broke into laughter as we joined in his praise!
I couldn't help but add;
"What do you know,we are infectious too!!!"

Haha!Was nice to meet you David!!!

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